26 November 2006
West Brewing Company

Sunday’s visit to West Brewing Company was great, in spite of / because of the heid brewer calling off literally at the last minute. We were taken around instead by Davie, the lad who actually helped build the brewery and it is he who does all the grafting in the place, so we got the REAL story, warts (wort, somebody said) and all.

The first pint was free; the food was good and the different beers on offer were very good. If you are in Glasgow, try to take the time for a visit- I will. The brewery is part of Tempelton’s Carpet Factory on Glasgow Green, near The Peoples’ Palace.

Ian McManus

24 September 2006
McCowan’s Brewhouse

We had an interesting talk from Clive Donald in which he provided lots of useful information about various new and old products available from Brupaks. Clive’s talk also spawned lots of interesting discussion among the group and lots of food for thought. Thanks go to Clive and his wife for making the journey north.

An excellent (dark!) beer was provided by Mr. McAnally as well as a great beer from Simon, although bring a bit more next time please.

23 June 2006

A few of our members met up with Jim Smith, on a visit from Atlanta, for a few beers in various Edinburgh establishments. Jim was kind enough to supply us with some samples of beer and USA hop varieties. A very enjoyable evening was had.

8-10 June 2006
Social Meeting
4th Scottish Traditional Beer Festival

We had another successful showing of our stand at the Scottish Traditional Beer Festival in Edinburgh. Thanks to all who provided beer and helped with the stand. It is very satisfying to receive compliments on the quality of our beers from members of the public.

8 April 2006
Pub Crawl around Edinburgh

This was an extra social meeting arranged with the Hudson Valley HomeBrewers from New York state and consisted of meeting in Edina Home Brew to sample some home brew and then go on a pub crawl around Edinburgh. Twelve SCB members and wives turned up and a great time was had. We ought to do this sort of thing more often. Here are some images from the evening. A competition is being held to spot the HVHB member. Please e-mail all entries to the HVHB.

1 April 2006
SCB entrants to the CBA 10th Anniversary Beer Festival Competition did well with several members winning prizes. SCB winners were:

Class Member Position Beer Name
Inter-group Pale Ale John McGarva Winner Jakey Pale Ale
Pale Ale Tom Slack Winner Sledgehammer Pale Ale
Pale Ale Bill Cooper 2nd Balerno Bitter
Pale Ale Roddy Beveridge Commended
Pale Ale Stuart McLuckie Commended
Dark Ale Bill Cooper 3rd Balerno Brunette Mild

Well done All.

12 March 2006
The Prestoungrange Gothenburg, Prestonpans.

By eleven-thirty, there were only 9 members and three guests who had managed to get to the Goth. A long-forecast snow storm had dumped considerable amounts of snow throughout the Central Belt, causing massive disruption to early morning traffic. The judges for our brewing competition who had not already called off, rang through their apologies.

The Regional Entry for the Derby Pale Ale Competition was judged, not with the nominated judges as planned, due to the weather, but with two volunteers, Davie Martin and David Cruikshank They joined Craig Allan, the brewer at the Goth, and as the AGM went on, the judging started. After the first round of tasting, the remarks from David Edge were to the effect, as we tasted the “rejects”, “ If these dropped out at the first round, what’s the winner going to be like.” And we were all in agreement.

Anyway, the winner is John McGarva, runners up are Tom Slack and Stuart McCluckie. Avery creditable fourth, and in the opinion of many, worthy of a higher placing, was Bill Cooper.

Our congratulations to them all. [John McGarva's brew went on to win the Inter-Regional Challenge in Derby].

After lunch, David Edge spoke of his remembrances of how the Craft Brewers Association began 10 years ago. He paid tribute to the hard work and doggedness of Dougall McCrorie’s work to bring brewing clubs and individuals together. Foe instance, it was his persistence that helped Clive Donald found Brupaks. He then reminded us that the Scottish Craft Brewers, although founded a little after the CBA, were first to hold trials of yeast, malt and the like, and also to host competitions leading to brewers having their recipe brewed and distributed around the pubs of Scotland. He also reminded us that the Brewers Contact magazine has started an index of articles in back issues. More information on their web site.

Janette Edge took the opportunity to follow up her article on cleanliness in a recent Brewer’s Contact by telling us that she had forgotten to mention her recommendation of Antiformin F as a general cleaner-sluice and rinse!

22 January 2006
Calton Centre, Edinburgh

A nearly full house was present to eat Davie Martin’s food and to listen to Charlie McMaster recall the history of the Gothenburg principles and the public houses that were built to follow those principles.



Mad Davey