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Scottish Craft Brewers Competition 2019 – Results

The results are in!

We had over 50 entries in 6 categories from across the UK and beyond, and the judges tasted some fantastic beers over the weekend. Congratulations to all the winners, and especially Anna Moe, whose entries placed across multiple categories and took 1st and 2nd place in Best in Show.

Thanks to The Goth in Prestonpans for hosting the main judging, and six°north Edinburgh for hosting the People’s Choice and Prizegiving event.

Individual scores for all entries can be viewed online now at the competition site, and judges comments will be made available shortly. Contact if you have any queries.

Best of Show is judged between the first placed entries from categories 1-5

1st: Anna Moe (co-brewer Neil Page), Black as the Devil’s Anus

2nd: Anna Moe (co-brewer Neil Page), Thørst

3rd: Jordan Sadler, Rebel Rebel – IPA

Tom Gardner – 1st Place Ordinary Bitter

1. English
11A Ordinary Bitter

1st: Tom Gardner, Brewkat Bitter (Scottish Craft Brewers)

2nd: Mark Sanderson, Nice Tan (London Amateur Brewers)

3rd: Anna Moe (co-brewer Neil Page), Extraordinarily Ordinary

2. American
21A American IPA / 21B7 NEIPA

1st: Jordan Sadler, Rebel Rebel – IPA

2nd: Matthew HalesHazy Dayz – NEIPA (Midland Craft Brewers)

3rd: Garreth Smith, Victory or Die – IPA (REBEL Homebrew)

Honourable Mention: Devon MacDougall, A Finer Shade of Pale – IPA (London Amateur Brewers)

Gordon Nichol – 3rd Place Scottish Export

3. Scottish
14C Scottish Export

1st: Gordon KingScottish Export

2nd: Philip SissonLochaber No More

3rd: Gordon Nicol, 80/- (Scottish Craft Brewers)

Oliver Burrow – 2nd Place Foreign Extra Stout

4. Dark
16D Foreign Extra Stout

1st: Anna Moe (co-brewer Neil Page), Black as the Devil’s Anus

2nd: Oliver BurrowWhy Toast When You Can Roast?

3rd: Gordon Nicol, Foreign Extra Stout (Scottish Craft Brewers)

Gordon Nichol – 3rd Place Saison

5. European
25B Saison

1st: Anna Moe (co-brewer Neil Page), Thørst

2nd: Anna Moe (co-brewer Neil Page), Saison De Noël

3rd: Gordon Nicol, Saison (Scottish Craft Brewers)

Honourable Mention: Gordon Nicol, Mad Saison (Scottish Craft Brewers)

Harry Kirkham – 1st Place Catharina Sour

6. People’s Choice
PRX4 Catharina Sour

1st: Harry Kirkham, Competition Sour II (Scottish Craft Brewers)

2nd: Andy Newall, Tiny Dancer (Scottish Craft Brewers)

3rd: Mark Sanderson, Pomegranate City (London Amateur Brewers)