Foreign Extra Stout – 2019 Best in Show Recipe

Anna Moe’s Foreign Extra Stout took gold in the Dark Beer category at the 2019 Competition, going on to be crowned overall Best in Show. She’s kindly shared her recipe below.

Foreign Extra Stout – Black as the Devil’s Anus


OG 1.072
FG 1.019
IBU 50


69% Thomas Fawcett Maris Otter
12% Crisp Chocolate Malt 950EBC
5% Cara Aroma 350EBC
8% Flaked Oats
6% Dark Muscovado Sugar (added last 10min of boil)


32 IBU Bramling Cross @60min
12 IBU Bullion @60 min
6 IBU Brewer’s Gold @60min


Imperial A01 “House”

Water Profile

Ca 32ppm, Mg 12ppm, Cl 90ppm, SO4 0ppm, Na 64ppm


Single infusion mash, 65 degrees C for 75 minutes

Boil time 60 minutes

Fermented at 18 degrees

Carbonated to 2.1 vol