SNHC 2023 Recipe: 21C Hazy IPA

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Sam Thakker-Jones from Homebrew Collab (Bristol) took first place on the American Hazy and Speciality IPA table at the 2023 Scottish Nationals with his Hazy IPA. He’s kindly shared the recipe below.

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21C Hazy IPA

  • ABV 6.2%
  • OG 1.066
  • FG 1.019
  • IBU 18.5
  • Mash 65C


  • 83% Bohemian Floor Malter Pilsner
  • 13% Malted Oats
  • 3% Malted Wheat
  • 1% Spelt


  • 90min: Simcoe to 10.5 IBU
  • 20min: Simcoe to 5 IBU
  • 10min: Simcoe to 3 IBU
  • Whirlpool: 3.4g/L Simcoe at 85C for 10 minutes
  • Dry Hop: 3 Days with 10.5g/L Citra, 4.2g/L Motueka and 1g/L Simcoe


  • Flameout: Sea Salt


  • Wyeast 1318 London Ale III


  • Use a soft water profile; 2.5:1 chloride to sulphate ratio
  • Mash for 75 minutes at 65C
  • Boil for 90 minutes
  • Addition of sea salt at the end of the boil will boost mouthfeel.
  • Dry hop once fermentation is complete at 15C for 24 hours before cold crashing.
  • Due to large dry hop, bottle conditioning should be avoided to prevent oxygen ingress.