SNHC 2023: 25B Saison

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Gordon Nicol took home a gold as part of a Scottish Craft Brewers clean sweep of the Strong Belgian and Monastic Ales table at the 2023 Scottish Nationals. His Saison went onto to get an Honourable Mention at the Best of Show. He’s kindly shared his recipe below.

The Saison

25B Saison


  • 71% Lager Malt
  • 18% Wheat Malt
  • 11% Rye Malt


  • 60min: Hallertau Hersbrucker to 18.4 IBU
  • 10min: Hallertau Hersbruker to 5.9 IBU
  • 5min: Motueka to 5.7 IBU
  • 5min: Hallertau Black to 4.5 IBU


  • Bootleg Biology Saison Parfait