1. The name of the association shall be ‘Scottish Craft Brewers’.
  2. The management of the association shall be by committee comprising:- President, Deputy President, Secretary, Treasurer and two other committee members, elected at the Annual General Meeting. Retiring office bearers and committee members shall be eligible to be re-elected. The committee may co-opt members for such periods as they may decide. The president shall not remain eligible for office for more than two years and, after serving as president for two years, shall not be eligible for re-election until a further period of two years has elapsed. In the event that an acceptable nominee for President is not forthcoming at the AGM, the meeting shall be empowered to invite the outgoing President to remain in office for a further year.
    • The aims of the association shall be:

    • to further the development of craft brewing;
    • to provide training and information to its members;
    • to provide mutual support;
    • to help beginners to progress from kits to full mash;
    • to organise events;
    • to provide friendship and fellowship among members.
  3. The committee will arrange for members to meet at least four times a year, including the Annual General Meeting.
  4. The association may affiliate from time to time to any organisation deemed to further the cause of craft brewing.
  5. There shall be an annual subscription recommended by the committee and approved by a majority vote at the Annual General Meeting.
  6. The committee shall arrange an Extraordinary General Meeting following a written request signed by not less than ten members.
  7. Members shall be given four weeks notice of an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting. A quorum at such meetings shall be twelve members.
  8. Amendments to the constitution may only be made at Annual or Extraordinary General Meetings upon a quorum attending and by majority vote, provided that notice six weeks prior to the meeting has been given to facilitate notice to members with an agenda.
  9. The financial accounts of the Scottish Craft Brewers will be prepared by the Treasurer on an annual basis, and will be subject to an independent audit as directed at the previous Annual General Meeting.
  10. (Last Amended – 22 April 2007)