Scottish National Homebrew Competition 2021

Thanks to everyone who entered the inaugural Scottish National Homebrew Competition. We had 78 entries from across the UK with Best In Show going to Tom Furniss for his Old Ale, “Private Old Ale”.

Thanks to the judges who dealt superbly with the remote judging, all our sponsors for providing prizes and Competition Secretary James Collin for making it all happen!

Congratulations to all the winners and see you next year for the 2022 Competition!


Best in Show

1st – Private Old Ale (17B Old Ale)

Tom Furniss

2nd – Too Strong For Kong (33B Speciality Wood-Aged Beer)

Fraser Withers, co-brewer Charlie Cat (London Amateur Brewers)

3rd – Fake Lager (5B Kolsch)

Gordon Nicol (Scottish Craft Brewers)

Table 1 – Lagers

1st – McMalty (8A Munich Dunkel)

Innes Crawford (Aberdeen Homebrew Club)

2nd – Schrodinger’s Dog (8B Schwarzbier)

Colin Taylor (Portsmouth Homebrew Club)

3rd – Radimsky Lager (3B Czech Premium Pale Lager)

Radim Zvanovec

Table 2 – Pale and Wheat Beers

1st – Fake Lager (5B Kolsch)

Gordon Nicol (Scottish Craft Brewers)

2nd – Wheat the Heck (10A Weissbier)

Mat Bedford

3rd – I’m A King Bee (1D American Wheat Beer)

Stephen Hoodless

Honourable Mention – Kolsch (5B Kolsch)

Malcolm Cruickshank (Scottish Craft Brewers)

Table 3 – Scotland and England

1st – Epsom Strong Bitter

James Wilson (London Amateur Brewers)

2nd – Beer #1 (11B Best Bitter)

Ben Lester (Worcestershire Homebrew Club)

3rd – Mandrill Mild (13A Dark Mild)

Lee Immins (London Amateur Brewers)

Table 4 – Stouts and Porters

1st – Nine Below Zero (9C Baltic Porter)

Colin Taylor (Portsmouth Homebrew Club)

2nd – Ant’s Porter (9C Baltic Porter)

Michal Plodowski, co-brewer Lukasz Wiaderny

3rd – Hard Top (20B American Stout)

James Wilson (London Amateur Brewers)

Table 5 – American, IPA and Hop Forward

1st – Oops Richard! (21A American IPA)

Oli Edmond (Beer Boars East)

2nd – Rock Hard Medusa (21B7 New England IPA)

Bojan Grdinic

3rd – Steaming Pale Ale (18B American Pale Ale)

John Stewart

Table 6 – Beers from Belgium and Bretted

1st – Will Ye Go Tae Flanders (23B Flanders Red Ale)

Devon MacDougall (Scottish Craft Brewers)

2nd – Jorkvik (28A Brett Beer – English IPA with Brett)

Stew Horne (London Amateur Brewers)

3rd – La Femme Au Coeur Sauvage (24C Biere de Garde)

Nick Davis (Anglian Craft Brewers)

Honourable Mention – Silly Saison (31A Alternative Grain Beer – Quinoa Belgian Pale Ale)

Stew Horne (London Amateur Brewers)

Table 7 – Strong Ales and Stouts

1st – Private Old Ale (17B Old Ale)

Tom Furniss

2nd – Winter’s Nectar (17C Wee Heavy)

Innes Crawford (Aberdeen Homebrew Club)

3rd – Lights Out For Darker Skies (20C Imperial Stout)

Harry Kirkham (Scottish Craft Brewers)

Honourable Mention – The Booze Hammer (17D English Barleywine)

Paul Gaunt (Aberdeen Homebrew Club)

Table 8 – Fruit, Spice and Vegetable Beers

1st – Sanity Deprived (30A Spice, Herb or Vegetable Beer – Chocolate Porter with chocolate nibs)

Garreth Smith

2nd – Porcupine or Pineapple? (29B Fruit and Spice Beer – Catharina Sour with pineapple and coconut)

Harry Kirkham (Scottish Craft Brewers)

3rd – Christmas Dubbel (30C Winter Seasonal Beer – Belgian Dubbel with spiced rum, raisins and cacao nibs)

Andrew Newall (Scottish Craft Brewers)

Honourable Mention – The Lombardo Method (30A Spice, Herb or Vegetable Beer – Gose with tomato and a blend of chillies)

Barry Walsh, co-brewer The Hyperbolic Boys

Table 9 – Smoked, Wood Aged and Specialty Beers

1st – Too Strong For Kong (33B Speciality Wood-Aged Beer – Bourbon barrel aged Imperial Stout)

Fraser Withers, co-brewer Charlie Cat (London Amateur Brewers)

2nd – Wee Heavy Monkey (33A Wood-Aged Beer – Wee Heavy aged over oak)

Lee Immins (London Amateur Brewers)

3rd – Mother Shucker (32B Speciality Smoked Beer – Barrel aged Oyster Stout with peat smoked malts)

Logan Bartlett

Best Overall Brewer

Jointly Awarded to –

Innes Crawford (Aberdeen Homebrew Club)

Colin Taylor (Portsmouth Homebrew Club)

Best Scottish Beer

Scottish Heavy (14B Scottish Heavy)

Jonathan Fleck

Best Performance from a Scottish Craft Brewers Member

Gordon Nicol

Best Club (16 Participating Clubs)

1st – London Amateur Brewers

2nd – Scottish Craft Brewers

Joint 3rd – Portsmouth Homebrew Club and Aberdeen Homebrew Club


Thank you to all our sponsors who kindly donated prizes for this year’s competition: