About Us

In 1997, in a pub at Balerno outside Edinburgh, the inaugural meeting of the Scottish Craft Brewers was held. The organisation was established with the aim of furthering the development of craft and home brewing across Scotland, through regular meetups and events.

Over the subsequent 22 years the club has grown and developed with the times and brewing trends, but fundamentally the original aim remains – to promote the craft of brewing and provide support and camaraderie to Scottish homebrewers. One measure of the club’s success is the significant number of current and former members who now work professionally in the Scottish brewing industry.

Recognising this, in recent years the club has been working closely with a German initiative, “The YEAST Project”, to provide work placements for brewing apprentices from Bavaria in Scottish breweries. Working in breweries that are not bound by the strict Reheinsgebot laws is often a novel experience for the students, and similarly a number of club members have had the opportunity for return visits to Germany to learn more about Bavarian brewing.

We meet for monthly tastings in Edinburgh and have an active community on our Facebook page.

We also run annual BJCP judged homebrew competitions; starting in 2021 we will launch the first Scottish National Homebrew Competition.