Scottish National Homebrew Competition 2022

The results are in for the 2022 Scottish National Homebrew Competition! Thanks to all entrants, judges, sponsors and speakers for making our second year an even bigger success than the first!

Extra special thanks to Competition Secretary Andy Newall for putting in an extra shift to make it all happen, and to Campervan Brewery for hosting at Lost in Leith for our results event.

Congratulations to all the winners and look forward to seeing you next year!


Best in Show

Sponsored by The Malt Miller and Scottish Craft Brewers

Prize: SS Brewtech 7 Gallon Chronical Fermenter

1st – Lilli Marlene (6A Marzen)

Nick Davis (Anglian Craft Brewers)

2nd – Conception (23C Oud Bruin

Marc Hannewald (Norwich Amateur Brewers)

3rd – Raucous Rudholf (11B Best Bitter)

John Watson (Anglian Craft Brewers)

Table 1: American Standard Beers & Pale Ales

Sponsored by Simple Things Fermentations

Prize: Mixed Pack of Beer

1st – Session Pale Ale (18B American Pale Ale)

Alex Hall (Scottish Craft Brewers)

2nd – The Hop Pig (18B American Pale Ale)

John Watson

3rd – Chinwobbler (18A Blonde Ale)

John Watson (Anglian Craft Brewers)

Table 2: Pale Lagers and Wheat Beer

Sponsored by Top Out Brewery

Prize: Mixed Pack of Beer and Glass

1st – A Hefty Kick For His Efforts (10A Weissbier)

Stephen Hoodless

2nd – Mayday Leap (4C Helles Block)

Ian Cosier (London Amateur Brewers)

3rd – Sunshine On The Rocks (2A International Pale Lager)

Laura Braid

Honourable Mention – Fauxhemian Pils (3B Czech Premium Pale Lager)

Ian Cosier (London Amateur Brewers)

Table 3: Pale Bitter and Amber European Beer and Lagers

Sponsored by Mungoswells Malt and Milling

Prize: Sack of Lager Malt

1st – Lili Marlene (6A Marzen)

Nick Davis (Anglian Craft Brewers)

2nd – Pilsner (5D German Pils)

Craig Jameson (Scottish Craft Brewers)

3rd – The Man From Dunkels (6C Dunkels Bock)

Steven Scott

Table 4: Dark European Lager and Beer

Sponsored by Crossmyloof Brew

Prize: 23L Recipe Box

1st – Morgan (9C Baltic Porter)

Keith Bailey (Norwich Amateur Brewers)

2nd – Lipstick on a Pig! (8B Schwarzbier)

Kane Templer

3rd – Complex Function Theory (3D Czech Dark Lager)

Colin Taylor (Portsmouth Homebrew Club)

Honourable Mention – Dark Doppelbock (9A Doppelbock)

John Livingstone (Scottish Craft Brewers)

Table 5: British Bitter, Golden and IPAs

Sponsored by Wasted Degrees

Prize: Mixed Pack of Beer, Cap and Beanie

1st Raucous Rudholf (11B Best Bitter)

John Watson (Anglian Craft Brewers)

2nd Just a Bitter (11A Ordinary Bitter)

Craig Tarft (London Amateur Brewers)

3rd – Drape Yourself in Greenery, Become Part of the Scenery (12C English IPA)

Harry Kirkham (Scottish Craft Brewers)

Table 6: Malt Forward Scottish and English Beer

Sponsored by Stewart Brewing

Prize: Mixed Pack of Beer

1st – 80 Shilling (14C Scottish Export)

Craig Jameson (Scottish Craft Brewers)

2nd – Geez a Bear Buh (13A Dark Mild)

Jack Davison (Norwich Amateur Brewers)

3rd – 1722 London Porter (13C English Porter)

Mark Watson (Scottish Craft Brewers)

Table 7: Strong British Beer

Sponsored by Crafty Maltsters

Prize: Sack of Malt

1st – County Beermakers Old Ale (17A1 Burton Ale)

Phill Turner (London Amateur Brewers)

2nd – A Strong Beer in Small Quantities (17C Wee Heavy)

Gordon Nicol (Scottish Craft Brewers)

3rd – Wee Heavy (17C Wee Heavy)

Alex Hall (Scottish Craft Brewers)

Honourable Mention – One For the Road (17A British Strong Ale)

Mark Kettle

Table 8: American Amber and Porter

Sponsored by Cold Town Beer

Prize: Mixed Pack of Beer and Hoodie

1st – Steaming Amber (19A American Amber Ale)

John Stewart (Aberdeen Homebrew Club)

2nd – Horsebolter 2 (20A American Porter)

James Pettifor (Anglian Craft Brewers)

3rd – American Porter (20A American Porter)

John Livingstone (Scottish Craft Brewers)

Table 9: English and American Stouts

Sponsored by Inner Bay Brewery

Prize: Mixed Pack of Beer

1st – Tom’s Old Skool Stout (20B American Stout)

Tom Morley

2nd – No Diggidy, No Stout (16B Oatmeal Stout)

Richard Humphrey (Norwich Amateur Brewers)

3rd – Bella Lugosi (16B Oatmeal Stout)

Mark Sanderson (London Amateur Brewers)

Table 10: American IPAs and Strong Ales

Sponsored by Williams Bros Brewing Co

Prize: Mixed Pack of Beer, Glass and T-Shirt

1st – Double Down (22A Double IPA)

Sam Thakker-Jones

2nd – Seven Cities of Gold (21A American IPA)

Rob Iafrati (Homebrew Collab Bristol)

3rd – Totally Tortie (21A American IPA)

Oran Kennedy

Table 11: Speciality IPAs

Sponsored by Overtone Brewing

Prize: Mixed Pack of Beer and Beanie

1st – Hop Juice (21B7 New England IPA)

Tom Gardner (Scottish Craft Brewers)

2nd – All Day Breakfast (21B Specialty IPA)

Joon Chung (Beer Boars)

3rd – Green Coast (21B7 New England IPA)

Sam Thakker-Jones

Table 12: Light Belgian Ales

Sponsored by Beer Zoo

Prize: Westmalle Gift Box and Voucher

1st – Fishing Rights (25A Belgian Blond Ale)

James Pettifor (Anglian Craft Brewers)

2nd – La Femme Au Coeur Sauvage (24C Biere de Garde)

Nick Davis (Anglian Craft Brewers)

3rd – Sunny Beach (25A Belgian Blonde Ale)

Michal Plodowski

Table 13: Saisons

Sponsored by BODEN Brewing

Prize: Mixed Pack of Beer

1st – Spelt Rong, Grisette (25B Saison)

Phill Turner (London Amateur Brewers)

2nd – Grisette Bier de Table Extra (25B Saison)

James Collin (Scottish Craft Brewers)

3rd – Szechuan Session Saison (25B Saison)

Finlay Stewart

Honourable Mention – The Fusion Saison (25B Saison)

Mat Bedford

Table 14: Strong Belgian Ale

Sponsored by Up Front Brewing

Prize: Pack of Beer

1st – Rock the Fort (26D Belgian Dark Strong Ale)

Neil Page (Haandbryggerlauget Af 1970)

2nd – The Magic Number (26C Belgian Tripel)

Sean O’Toole (MCB)

3rd – Imposter Strongman (25C Belgian Golden Strong Ale)

Simas Vainauskas (London Amateur Brewers)

Table 15: Sour Beers

Sponsored by Vault City Brewing

Prize: Mixed Pack of Beer

1st – Conception (23C Oud Bruin)

Marc Hannewald (Norwich Amateur Brewers)

2nd – Groseille (23F Fruit Lambic)

Anna Moe (Haandbryggerlauget Af 1970)

3rd – Citrus Perverse (27A1 Gose)

Sam Jones

Honourable Mention – Funky Berliner (28A Brett Beer)

Sam Jones

Table 16: Fruit, Spice and Seasonal Beers

Sponsored by Holy Goat Brewing

Prize: Mixed Pack of Beer

1st – Outrageous Fortune (29A Fruit Beer)

Kane Templer

2nd – The Wolf Cries Mary (30A Spice, Herb or Vegetable Beer)

Serge Savin (London Amateur Brewers)

3rd – Get Some Nuts (30A Spice, Herb or Vegetable Beer)

Honourable Mention – Raspberry Wheat Beer (29A Fruit Beer)

James Burnett (Scottish Craft Brewers)

Table 17: Wood, Smoked, Mixed and Experimental Beers

Sponsored by Campervan Brewery

Prize: Mixed Pack of Beer and Glass

1st – ór Dubh (33B Specialty Wood-Aged Beer)

Gordon King

2nd – Small Strong – Barrel Aged (33B Specialty Wood-Aged Beer)

Callum Bracher (Scottish Craft Brewers)

3rd – Barrel Agued Ruby Port Wee Heavy (34C Experimental Beer)

Andy Hannon (Scottish Craft Brewers)

Honourable Mention – Fire The Lot (6B Rauchbier)

Mat Ridge (Norwich Amateur Brewers)

Best Overall Brewer

Sponsored by Brook House Hops

Prize: Hops and Merch

1st – Phill Turner (London Amateur Brewers)

2nd – Craig Jameson (Scottish Craft Brewers), Kane Templer, James Pettifor (Anglian Craft Brewers), Nick Davis (Anglian Craft Brewers)

Best Scottish Craft Brewer

Sponsored by Mungoswells Malt and Milling

Prize: Sack of Pale Ale Malt

Winner – Kane Templer and Craig Jameson

Best Newcomer

Sponsored by The Ferry Brewery

Prize: Mixed Pack of Beer

Winner – Phill Turner

Best Scottish Beer

Sponsored by Cross Borders Brewing and Inner Bay Brewery

Prize: T Shirt and Beanie (Cross Borders) Mixed Stout Pack (Inner Bay)

Winner – A Strong Beer in Small Quantities (17C Wee Heavy)

Gordon Nicol (Scottish Craft Brewers)

People’s Choice 2021Imperial Stout

Calum Bracher (Scottish Craft Brewers)

People’s Choice 2022 – Golden Ale

Alex Hall (Scottish Craft Brewers)

Best Participating Club

1st – Scottish Craft Brewers

2nd – London Amateur Brewers

3rd – Anglian Craft Brewers

All placing entries received a pack of hops sponsored by Brook House Hops and Scottish Craft Brewers.