Scottish National Homebrew Competition 2023

The results are in for the 2023 Scottish National Homebrew Competition! Thanks to all entrants, judges, sponsors and speakers for making our biggest competition to date a success.

Extra special thanks to Competition Secretary Andy Newall for once again making sure everything ran like clockwork, Summerhall for hosting our judging and Campervan Brewery for hosting our results event at Lost in Leith.

Congratulations to all the winners and look forward to seeing you next year!


Best in Show

Sponsored by Scottish Craft Brewers, The Malt Miller, Vault City Brewing, Tilt and Cold Town Beer

1stMarc HannewaldVermilion34C: Experimental BeerNorwich Amateur Brewers
 2ndSean O’TooleTart Tart28B: Mixed Fermentation Sour BeerMidlands Craft Brewers
 3rdJens KerklingBergkamens International Pale Lager2A: International Pale LagerCraft Beer Engineers E.V.
 HMGordon NicolThe Saison25B: SaisonScottish Craft Brewers

All medal winners received prizes sponsored by Brook House Hops and Lallemand Brewing in addition to the first place table prize.

Table 1: International Pale and Wheat Beers

Sponsored by Stewart Brewing

 1stJens KerklingBergkamens International Pale Lager2A: International Pale LagerCraft Beer Engineers E.V.
 2ndJens KerklingPour Down Cream Ale1C: Cream AleCraft Beer Engineers E.V.
 3rdLaura BraidGive A Hoot10C: Weizenbock

Table 2: Czech Lagers and Helles

Sponsored by Beer Zoo

 1stPaddy FowlerAlmostiner Lagerbier Hell4A: Munich HellesScottish Craft Brewers
 2ndJames CollinPale & Interesting4A: Munich HellesScottish Craft Brewers
 3rdGeorge McilroyWalking On The Autobahn4A: Munich HellesAberdeen Homebrew Club

Table 3: Pale and Amber European Bitter Beers

Sponsored by Stewart Brewing

1stPaul Willis
Co-Brewer: Ed Bevan
Toffee Finger7A: Vienna LagerHomebrew Collab (Bristol)
 2ndWill HiscocksRed Sky At Night7B: Altbier
 3rdRainer GoertzDaily Pils5D: German Pils

Table 4: Dark and Strong European Beers and Lagers

Sponsored by BrewKegTap

 1stØystein BorudThe Musketeer Oath9C: Baltic Porter
 2ndRichie WalshLeann Dubh Baltach9C: Baltic PorterScottish Craft Brewers
 3rdLee ImminsImmolator9A: DoppelbockLondon Amateur Brewers
 HMInnes CrawfordDunkelven8A: Munich DunkelAberdeen Homebrew Club

Table 5: British Bitters

Sponsored by Crossmyloof Brew

1stDavid MutchRoastytoasty11B: Best Bitter
 2ndSteve PlamptonBs Clone11C: Strong BitterAnglian Craft Brewers
 3rdPaul CushingMaster Of The House11B: Best Bitter

Table 6: Pale Commonwealth Beer

Sponsored by Campervan Brewery

 1stDavid Mutch
Co-Brewer: Rhona Henderson
Beginners Luck12A: British Golden Ale
 2ndSteven ThompsonRadical Jack IPA12C: English IPA
 3rdJohn StewartSteaming Harlequin12C: English IPAAberdeen Homebrew Club

Table 7: Malt Forward British Beers

Sponsored by Mungoswells Malting and Milling

 1stPaddy FowlerSteel Is Heavier Than Feathers14B: Scottish HeavyScottish Craft Brewers
 2ndJohn StewartSteaming Heavy17A: British Strong AleAberdeen Homebrew Club
 3rdGeorge McilroyShilling For Your Thoughts14B: Scottish HeavyAberdeen Homebrew Club

Table 8: British and Irish Porter and Stout

Sponsored by Strangers Brewing

 1stDavid BrysonDark Pheonix15B: Irish Stout
 2ndRussell SimImitation Of Life13C: English PorterAberdeen Homebrew Club
 3rdKeith Bailey1909 Porter13C: English PorterNorwich Amateur Brewers

Table 9: Old Ales and Barley Wines

Sponsored by Stewart Brewing

 1stBojan Grdinic
Co-Brewer: Tapiri
Ye Olde Tapir17B: Old Ale
 2ndØystein BorudAncient Bëor17B: Old Ale
 3rdRichard JonesBarley Mow17D: English Barley WineBristol Craft Brewers
 HMJames PettiforConestoga22C: American BarleywineAnglian Craft Brewers

Table 10: American Pale Ale

Sponsored by Stewart Brewing

1stEmil Fuerstenberg Haegg
Co-Brewer: Catherine Boag
American Pale Ale18B: American Pale Ale
 2ndPaul CushingPiece By Piece18B: American Pale Ale
 3rdMark HopkinsCrazy Horse18B: American Pale AleLondon Amateur Brewers

Table 11: American Amber, Brown, Porter and Stout

Sponsored by Crafty Maltsters

1stKieren HuddyChinook Porter20A: American Porter
 2ndBrian ScallyBs Impy20C: Imperial StoutDundee Homebrew Club
 3rdMiro PivčevićCrvena Pustolovica19B: California Common
HMThomas CorryBrown October19C American Brown Ale

Table 12: American IPAs

Sponsored by Moonwake Beer Co.

 1stJohn WatsonThe Hop Pig21A: American IPA
 2ndLes ManleyButterfly Effect22A: Double IPALondon Amateur Brewers
 3rdMartin Taylor
Co-Brewer: Charlie Griffiths
Simcoe Simpatico21A: American IPA

Table 13: American Hazy and Speciality IPAs

Sponsored by Overtone Brewing

 1stSam Thakker-JonesVirtual Aerobics21C: Hazy IPAHomebrew Collab (Bristol)
 2ndOliver DunnBlack Endeavour21B2: Black IPA
 3rdJames Muir7 Going On 7021C: Hazy IPA

Table 14: Strong Belgian and Monastic Ale

Sponsored by Mungoswells Malting and Milling

 1stGordon NicolThe Saison25B: SaisonScottish Craft Brewers
 2ndAled MurphySpecies 13625B: SaisonScottish Craft Brewers
 3rdJohn LivingstoneBelgian Single26A: Belgian SingleScottish Craft Brewers

Table 15: Sour and Wild Ales

Sponsored by Stewart Brewing

1stSean O’TooleTart Tart28B: Mixed Fermentation Sour BeerMidlands Craft Brewers
 2ndMark SandersonCheckpoint Charlie23A: Berliner WeisseLondon Amateur Brewers
 3rdSam JonesKiwi Sour28B: Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer

Table 16: Fruit Beer

Sponsored by Stewart Brewing

 1stKev WarnesPomander29B: Fruit and Spice BeerAnglian Craft Brewers
 2ndDaren Fearon
Co-Brewer: Aaron Smith
That’ll Do Pig29C: Specialty Fruit BeerReading Amateur Brewers
 3rdKeith MacaulayKm229A: Fruit Beer

Table 17: Smoked and Spiced Ales

Sponsored by Stewart Brewing

1stRob IafratiBreakfast Stout30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable BeerHomebrew Collab (Bristol)
 2ndJames PettiforKing Of The Road32B: Specialty Smoked BeerAnglian Craft Brewers
 3rdNick DavisFeu De Noel30C: Winter Seasonal BeerAnglian Craft Brewers
 HMInnes CrawfordSmooth Ginger30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable BeerAberdeen Homebrew Club

Table 18: Historic, Alternative and Wood Aged Beers

Sponsored by Otherworld Brewing

1stLee ImminsOaked Black Barley Wine33A: Wood-Aged BeerLondon Amateur Brewers
 2ndJudson TattersallKellerbier27A1: KellerbierTap Select Homebrew Club
 3rdJoe HickeyBob Ryeder On The Storm31A: Alternative Grain BeerLondon Amateur Brewers
 HMKevin Surridge-DinesRyeto Guvna31A: Alternative Grain BeerAnglian Craft Brewers

Table 19: Speciality, Mixed and Local Styles

Sponsored by Stewart Brewing

1stMarc HannewaldVermilion34C: Experimental BeerNorwich Amateur Brewers
 2ndChris Burrows
Co-Brewer: Marissa Truglio
Gold Leaf RobinLSX5: New Zealand PilsnerReading Amateur Brewers
 3rdJoon ChungThe Cold Wave34B: Mixed-Style BeerBeer Boars

Best Overall Brewer

Sponsored by Mungoswells Malting and Milling

1stDavid Mutch
Paddy FowlerScottish Craft Brewers
 3rdJens KerklingCraft Beer Engineers E.V.
Øystein Borud

The Tom Gardner Award

Awarded to the Best Performing Member of Scottish Craft Brewers

Sponsored by The Hanging Bat

Winner:Paddy Fowler

People’s Choice 2021Czech Dark Lager

Winner:Richie WalshScottish Craft Brewers

Best Participating Club

 1stScottish Craft Brewers33116.07
 2ndLondon Amateur Brewers12310.06
 3rdHomebrew Collab (Bristol)3009.03