29 Janurary, 2012 Edinburgh Meeting, Elgin House Beer Competition

We are running a competition for the January Meeting. There is not a lot of details as yet but we have agreed the beer classes that will be judged. I post these now to allow brewers to organise their brewing schedule.

We are going to have three classes this year (descriptions are from SAW and NGBWJ):

Pale Ale or Bitter
OG : 1040-45
Colour : Golden to Deep Copper. Good Head

Hops in the bouquet leading to malt and grain. Full-bodied, malty and grainy with a hoppy bitter farewell. Perhaps a little residual sweetness.

OG : 1040-50
Colour : Golden Amber to Deep Brown, Good Head

The overriding character should be sweet, caramellike, and malty. Hop flavour or aroma should not be perceived. The beer will have a medium to full body. Bitterness is perceived as low to medium. Fruity-ester character is acceptable. Diacetyl character is acceptable at very low levels.

India Pale Ale
OG : 1050-60
Colour : Rich Golden to Deep Copper. Good Head

Hoppy alcoholic and grainy bouquet. Full-bodied, malty and grainy with a prominent hop and a clean bitter farewell. Some residual sweetness to balance the hop.


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