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18 October 2014 – Enjoying a tour of Alechemy

chatting with the brewersOne of the only sunny days this October saw us indoors sampling beers and chatting about all things brewing with James and Adam from Alechemy Brewery in Livingston. 15 of the Scottish Craft Brewers group enjoyed a chance to pick the brains of one of Scotland’s finest breweries to learn new skills, improve on existing skills and go away with ideas to try at home not to mention the cases of beer they bought.

James and Adam, brewery founders, led the group around the brewery explaining various pieces of equipment and processes, discussing yeast and talking scary sized boil overs giving the group the grand tour. The guys even had time to spend with individual brewers from our group giving advice and helping to solve various conundrums they had faced.

This was all discussed further over a couple of glasses of Alechemy’s new beer “Merica” and a chance to share and provide feedback on some of the club brewer’s own beers.

A thoroughly good day for experienced and new home brewers alike.