Catharina Sour – 2019 People’s Choice Recipe

Harry Kirkham’s Catharina Sour with Pink Guava was the winner of the 2019 People’s Choice. The recipe is below.

Pink Guava Catharina Sour

OG 1.052 (before fruit addition)
FG 1.008


50% Simpsons Pilsner Malt
50% Simpsons Wheat Malt
2kg Pink Guava Puree (in Fermenter)


20g Magnum Dry Hop 7 Days

Boil Additions

0.5 Protofloc Tablets @10mins


White Labs WLP090 San Diego Super Yeast
6no. Swansons L.Plantarum Tablets, crushed and added to warm water.

Water Profile

Ca 65, Mg 8, Na 50, CL 96, SO4 15


This is a fermenter soured beer. Other souring methods should work too!

Mash at 67C for 90 mins

Boil for 60 mins. Do NOT add any hops to the wort

Co-pitch the Yeast and L.Plantarum tablets into the fermenter.

Ferment at 20C

Monitor the pH until it reaches circa 4.00 or your preferred level of sourness. This should take around 7-10 days – you can add more tablets or up the temperature by a few degrees if it seems to have stalled.

Once the desired pH is reached, dry hop to kill off the L.Plantarum and stop further souring. Add the fruit puree to the fermenter.

Allow the fruit puree to ferment out, c.5 days, and package to 3.0 vol.